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Karen S.
Rancho Santa Fe

“Kelly’s class is comprehensive by providing breathing exercises, excellent stretching techniques with overall benefits to the whole body. Her wise guidance in yoga, provides her students with improved balance, breathing and tranquility."

Anisa E.
Activities Director - Westmont Encinitas

“Have-A-Seat Yoga is a great program for older adults!  Our residents really enjoy her program and feel more confident coming to yoga knowing it is all seated. They really feel that it benefits their well being and they look forward to her coming every week!”

Kay M.
Rancho Santa Fe

“I look forward to my class with Kelly.  As the time disappears, my “monkey brain” ceases and a serenity envelops me.  Thank you Kelly for your spirit and guidance.

A grateful pupil, Kay”

Rana Y. - Deloitte

Kelly is an outstanding Yoga teacher. Her tailored yoga practice is a perfect mix of strength, flow, deep breathing, and relaxation. I loved my sessions with her. Her space is a safe haven, filled with love and calm energy. I've never felt stronger, more in-tuned with my mind and body or as centered.


She shows authenticity in her practice. She has peaceful energy and a true passion for her teachings, and is always willing to educate and inspire others.


I would practice with Kelly any time I can! 

Janell Vesci 
Rancho Sante Fe, CA

Kelly's Have-A-Seat yoga class saved my life! After multiple neck, spine, and shoulder surgeries, I felt discouraged returning to conventiaonal yoga classes. The pace was too hurried & the poses too strenuous for my 60 year old recovering body. Kelly taught me a breathing method in which you breath in and out from the nose which I had never seen in other yoga classes. After 30 minutes of neck, shoulder, and upper body stretches, we do 30 minutes of standing and stretching poses for lower back & balance at the ballet bar. Never have I had such a workout in such a sublime manner! I was hooked! Now Kelly's classes are my all time favorite yoga classes & I credit her for changing my whole life. I'm very grateful.

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