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Physical Therapy

Ease your way back into health!


Physical rehabilitation can get you back to your prior level of function or maximum potential after a major injury, surgery, fall, disease, or another event that led to deconditioning.  Not only will you increase your strength, but you may reduce pain and increase your activity tolerance, endurance, and balance.


Emotionally uplifting

Mind/body re-connection

Gentle strengthening

PT patients can benefit from the numerous advantages of a Have-A-Seat Yoga program including autonomic nervous system relaxation, increased flexibility, improved strength and psychological healing.


Janell Vesci 
Rancho Sante Fe, CA

Kelly's Have-A-Seat yoga class saved my life! After multiple neck, spine, and shoulder surgeries, I felt discouraged returning to conventiaonal yoga classes. The pace was too hurried & the poses too strenuous for my 60 year old recovering body. Kelly taught me a breathing method in which you breath in and out from the nose which I had never seen in other yoga classes. After 30 minutes of neck, shoulder, and upper body stretches, we do 30 minutes of standing and stretching poses for lower back & balance at the ballet bar. Never have I had such a workout in such a sublime manner! I was hooked! Now Kelly's classes are my all time favorite yoga classes & I credit her for changing my whole life. I'm very grateful.

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