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Have A Seat Yoga

Inclusive, healing, empowering, restorative and transformational yoga for ANY body

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$10 per class
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Discover the book 

Have A Seat Yoga book

It's for everyone, so be inspired. This book has 100 friendly tips and quotes to get started and keep your practice going.

New York Book Festival Honorable Mention Award
Hollywood Book Festival Honorable Mention Award

Meet your Instructor

Picture of Kelly Wislar holding her book

Kelly Wislar

My journey with yoga began when I was 40 years old and recovering from thyroid cancer.  I had three separate surgeries in three years and also a round of radiation that left me weak, frightened and wondering how I would gain not only my physical strength back, but more importantly, my emotional and spiritual strength. 


I stumbled on a yoga class that was scheduled to be a pilates class and was hooked!  Yoga provided me an opportunity to rebuild my strength at my own pace with no judgement.

As I became stronger physically, it allowed me to grow my emotional and spiritual strength too.  That is the essence of yoga - creating balance and harmony and taking what you have learned and applying it into your daily life.  

Kelly is a certified 200/hr Registered Yoga Instructor and a member of Yoga Alliance and The International Council on Active Aging. She is a proud mother of three grown children who are her most prized possession and continues to raise her “fourth baby” with gratitude and devotion, Have-A-Seat Yoga.

Benefits of Have-A-Seat Yoga

  • Reduction in stress, anxiety and insomnia

  • Oxygenates the blood, brain and internal organs

  • Lowers blood pressure 

  • Increases flexibility 

  • Stimulates brain activity

  • Improves memory

  • Relieves head, neck and back strain

Have-A-Seat Yoga was developed to be accessible to anyone who wants to experience the many physical, mental and spiritual benefits of a traditional yoga program that is done from the stability of a chair.  It combines traditional yoga poses with controlled diaphragmatic breathing that will increase flexibility and strength, lower the blood pressure and reduce anxiety and depression by releasing cortisol which is our “stress hormone”.  Especially during these times of uncertainty, we need more than ever the stress reducing benefits that Have-A-Seat Yoga provides.

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